There she blows! Whale breach

24 Apr

Not unlike the great white whale himself, whale sightings for me are a rare occurance and so I thought I would document this one. While homing in on our dive site on Sunday last, The SS Castle Eden (soon to become one of my favourite wrecks!) I noticed in the distance a large plume of water. At first I thought it was spray from a wave hitting n exposed rock, but on closer examination there were none and the spray did not reoccur. A few seconds later I noticed the whale breach the water. I felt pins and needles in my spine. I have been hoping for such an encounter now for years. Unfortunately it was very far away over 500 metres so we had no chance of getting ther before the whale dived.

Anyway the dive went ahead, itself a triumph ,well at least for those of us who found her, myself, John and Kevin. Heavy underwater swell made our progress slow but fortunately we spotted the wreck off to the right of the "snail trail" left by the anchor and enjoyed a fanstastic dive.

The whale was spotted by the skipper again just after we ascended about 300m directly south of our position towards shore, noone else saw it though. Well I know they are there and so does he!

One Response to “There she blows! Whale breach”

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