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Did you know birds like to Dive

25 Jun

Another experience well worth an entry. Dive bombing Cormorrants Guillimots and/or Razorbills off the North Wall of Rathlin. This is a more familiar one, happening most dives around this site. On the safety stop the dive on the bubbles, mistaking them for fish activity. They get down to 10 metres and more and spend quite a while whizzing around, very gracefully. So for all you ‘land lubbers’ who wonder what the birds do when they dive into the water and then don’t come up again for ages. Heres the answer. There is also a wee video here.
Another thing just occured to me, the bird you see come up isn’t always the one you watched go down. It is like gridlock underwater!

Octopus sighting at Rathlin

25 Jun

First time I’ve seen one in the waters around here, so it has to be recorded. It was off the North Wall of Rathlin , East of the Arches but before the mini amphitheatres at around 20 metres, right out in the open. Didn’t like the torch being shone on him, well you wouldn’t would you?. Probably the first human he had ever encountered. Very graceful swimming

Well I make it out to be a big thing, no doubt they are very common, but in my 3 years diving its the first I’ve seen here.

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