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Sponge life on Rathlin’s North Wall

22 Apr

There really is a great variety of non fish aquatic life on Rathlin. It was reported recently in various publications that there was something like 70 new species of sponge identified during a survey of the water surrounding Rathlin Island. Some of these can be seen on Waterworld a programme broadcast on BBC last Autumn. Not sure if this footage shows any or not. There is some Grey elephant sponge though


17 Apr

WreckSight brings to you unique visualisation of shipwrecks derived from high resolution multibeam sonar data. WreckSight images can be provided as 2D prints or 3D models, viewable on a computer ( PC and Mac) with WreckSight’s own software. You can then virtually explore your chosen wreck on the screen.

WreckSight is a development of ADUS, a company set up jointly by the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee to undertake high definition surveys of wrecks and other man-made structures underwater.

Safety stop on Lochgarry – Rathlin

17 Apr

Just wanted to add this video, to remind me how good the diving is going to get. We had a definate 20m+ when this was shot last year. Conditions are definately on the rise and the marine life is coming back. I spotted a shoal of over 100 pollack last weekend on this wreck. I have some video of the wreck so watch this space, I think I will add a post all about it soon

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