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Dogfish at the Skerries

23 Jun
Haven’t dived this site in nearly a year but it was nice to be back and we were rewarded with plenty to see, including 3 other dogfish and a large conger eel, that Neil unsucessfully tried to coax out for the camera, and good conditions, no current as it was slack water and pretty good vis, I’d say about 13-15 metres.

Conger on William Mannell wreck

12 Jun

This was the second one we saw and he came within about 35 cm’s of my face before I actually saw him. He definitely made me flinch. Dive was fantastic, perfect conditions, no current, great viz, enjoyed by one and all, even James who apparently experienced narcosis for the first time ever and from the sounds of it will be taking another fix sometime soon!


1 Jun

A jaunt around the SS Castleeden. I like to post something every once in a while and unfortunately owing to other trips and weather and not having my camera there has been a lull in video and photos. So to try and redress the balance somewhat here is a wee dive from last summer. Enjoy!

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