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Seasearch – marine life identification course

18 Jul

Just wondered if any of your visitors might be interested in our project – Seasearch. It’s a national UK project which trains volunteer divers to record marine life and habitats. You don’t need any experience to take part as all training is provided. We are running a marine life identification course in Portrush on the 1/2nd September. For more info people can contact me on

Claire asked me to advertise this as she has difficulty reaching independent divers.

Peacock Worm (Sabella pavonina)

28 Mar

These are facinating to watch. I think it was the first time my dive buddy Kevin had seem them. When i showed them to him he was like a kid having discovered something new for the first time. He kept swimming up to them and touching them just to watch them retract.

For those of you interested heres some information about them. (Sabella), any of a genus of segmented marine worms of the class Polychaeta (phylum Annelida). This type of fanworm (Sabella pavonina) lives in a tube about 30 to 40 centimetres (12 to 16 inches) long that is open at one end and constructed of mud particles cemented together by mucus. All but the top few centimetres of the tube is buried in the substratum. The front end of the worm has a fan of striped feathery tentacles, used for feeding and respiration, that protrudes from the tube into the overlying seawater. Inorganic and organic particles suspended in the water are trapped in mucus secreted by the tentacles. They are then transported down the tentacles by beating cilia and used either for tube building or passed into the mouth as food. Peacock worms rapidly withdraw their tentacles into the safety of the tube when predators approach. These worms are found both in the intertidal zone and in shallow subtidal areas.

bluevoice – defending dolphins

3 Nov

Have been watching some great podcasts recently, including DiveFilm Podcast Video, Dive Pixel Underwater Videography Podcast and Pod Diver TV, you might like to check them out and subscribe to them. One in particular caught my eye entitled “Defending Dolphns” about the ‘Japanese dolphin drive’ I was horrified by what I saw. runs a series of campaigns , the main one being to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Please try to suport their cause.

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