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Basking Sharks

31 May
An encounter with Basking Sharks off Malin Head in May 2010. There were about 7 off them. We were returning from two good dives at The wreck of the William Mannell and Devil’s Cut. By chance we saw the reflection off one of the fins and went to investigate. Great excitement followed and two of us made it into the water to swim with them

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19 Jan

Lions mane Jellyfish does a graceful dance

30 Jun
Spotted this guy during the safety stop after our dive on the Maerl beds at Cushendall. Not the best camera work you will have ever seen but if you watch until closer to the end it gets better
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Spiny Spider Crab

30 Jun
This fellow was seen in the sea grass beds at Waterfoot Bay in Co Antrim during a seasearch survey dive, and apparently he is the most easterly ever recorded in our waters.

Maybe the Laurentic

24 Apr

Anenome City

16 Dec
Following a very pleasant dive through a hard coral garden, we ended the dive and did our safety stop at this Anenome City were I took the opportuntiy to capture some video of the residents. I particularly like their posturing as they defend their homestead, understandable and very reminiscint of dare I say of the film “Finding Nemo”
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Oceanic Whitetip Shark

10 Dec
A young Oceanic White-tip shark pays us a visit on our safety stop under the boat at Daedalus Reef in the Red Sea during our liveaboard safari on the Blue Peral at the end of November 2008

Hammerheads at Daedalus

10 Dec
A school of hammerheads vsited us on a dive at Daedalus Reef in the Red Sea on 29th November 2008
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oceanic whitetip shark

5 Dec


Originally uploaded by waveneyavenue

One of several we saw on our recent liveaboard safari to the red sea. We charterdt eh “Blue pearl” and spent a week touring the reefs in the South of the Red Sea. Marine Conservation Parks, Including Elphinstone, Daedalus, Rocky Island and Zabergad as well as Fury Shoals and some smaller reefs on the way back north to Marsa Alam. This OCeanic was seen during our safety stop at Daedalus.

Ling at St Johns Point

21 Sep
First time I’ve seen one swimming freely or at least first time when I’ve had my camera handy! I mistook this for a conger oops. Thanks for putting me right Richard!

William Mannell, October 2007

21 Oct
The start of our dive on this downed trawler. Another great wreck found off Glengad Head Culdaff Bay, Co.Donegall this fishing trawler served as an excort vessel in WWI and was converted into a minesweeper for WWII. She was named after a crewman who served onboard the Victory with Lord Nelson at Trafalgar. Ummm, that sounds familiar I think I wrote it on a video i took last year of this wreck, oh well. Anyway , great dive, great conditions, a wee bit of a run but nothing we couldn’t handle, and as a bonus I worked out how to manually adjust my white balance on the camera whilst at 27metres so i am expected some interesting results.

Dogfish at the Skerries

23 Jun
Haven’t dived this site in nearly a year but it was nice to be back and we were rewarded with plenty to see, including 3 other dogfish and a large conger eel, that Neil unsucessfully tried to coax out for the camera, and good conditions, no current as it was slack water and pretty good vis, I’d say about 13-15 metres.

The Thesis, Oban

26 Mar

Just home form a 2 day dive trip to Oban, the Sound of Mull. Had 4 great dives including, the Hispania, The Shuna, The Thesis and the Breda. The Thesis was by far the best conditions, probably because it lies on a shingle bottom, so no silt. The highlight of the dive was swimming around inside the hull at the bow. There are large openings making it very safe for minor penetration. Technically it is an overhead environment, but as you are never more than a few fin kicks from the holes in the hull the risk is minimal. It is quiet surreal to watch people HID torches bouncing around inside the wreck when you are swimming outside or vice-versa. I can imagine it being even better with alot of fish life around. When do they all get back from their vacation??? anyone….

Found this video too on Youtube, enjoy

Morros Macuey, Huatulco, Mexico

7 Mar
This gives a good indication of the type of diving off the pacific coast in Mexico in March. Unfortunately the conditions weren’t great, but there was plenty of life around. I did actually see two sea horses in the wild on the previuos dive, but alas I di

This video was originally shared on by waveneyavenue with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

S.F.V William Manell

11 Sep

Another great wreck found off Glengad Head Culdaff Bay, Co.Donegall this fishing trawler served as an excort vessel in WWI and was converted into a minesweeper for WWII. She was named after a crewman who served onboard the Victory with Lord Nelson at Trafalgar. Read all about the wreck here. Definately only diveable at slack water. We arrived just towards the end of slack and had a bit of a fight on our hands towards the end of the dive. However as we did a free ascent we did not have to impersonate a flag on the saety stop which is always a bonus. We had a bit of a wait, while “the dubs” did their extended deco stops, but when they travel so far you can’t give them too hard a time. The amount of live on the wreck is incredible and some of this can be seen on my little video available at youtube

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